We have world class Masters that are US National Coaches, Olympians, National Champions with the combined teaching experience of over 50 years!

  • Diwakar “Dan” Maharjan – Chief Master

    Diwakar “Dan” Maharjan – Chief Master

    Chief Master Diwakar “Dan” Maharjan started his training in Nepal in 1982. He is a national coach in Nepal and the United States. He has developed national, international,…Read more…

  • Sita Rai – Senior Master

    Sita Rai – Senior Master

    Senior Master Sita Rai started training in Nepal in 1984 under Chief Grand Master Shin and is a former Nepali Taekwondo Star. She has been teaching at the…Read more…

  • Matthew Commeree – Master

    Matthew Commeree – Master

    Master Matthew Commeree started Tiny Tiger taekwondo classes at age four. He has trained under Chief Master Diwakar “Dan” Maharjan since 1995. At 8, he tested and received…Read more…

  • Gumercindo Cruz – Master

    Gumercindo Cruz – Master

    Master Gumercindo Cruz has trained under Chief Master Diwakar “Dan” Maharjan since 1998. Master Cruz is a Medalist & Coach at the International Open Friendship Taekwondo Championships (IOFTC)…Read more…