Kids (Tiny Tigers)

Special Offer!
We are currently offering two trial classes with a Uniform & Belt for $25.

At USWC Taekwondo Portland, we offer Taekwondo for kids and children. Introduce your child up to age six to the wonders of the Taekwondo. Our special Tiny Tiger Program(Taekwondo for kids) will help your child build self esteem and confidence, as well as develop personal character.

For many Tigers, this is their first experience in a class setting. During classes, in addition to learning basic taekwondo blocks, kicks and punches; Tigers are learning and developing their listening, self control, self confidence, & social skills. As Tigers work through the Tiny Tiger Color Belts, they will learn Hollywood School rules and the 5 Taekwondo Family Codes, which includes, “Tell the Truth”. Additionally, rules of your Tiger’s home and school/daycare are reinforced.

Tiny Tiger program(Taekwondo for kids) are up-beat and high-energy, accompanied with positive reinforcement. At the end of some classes, Tigers are engaged in a group game, such as Spider Ball. At the end of every regular class, a few Tigers are called out by the Instructor to receive recognition for doing a good job in class. After class, those Tigers go to Chief Master Dan’s Office to get a Star put on their membership card. Once Tigers receive their 5th Star, they receive a free patch for their uniform. Tiny Tigers are encouraged to do well in class to receive more Stars and more patches.

Our Taekwondo program for kids helps build the leadership of our future — our community’s children! Let your child become a Hollywood School Tiny Tiger today!

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