Classes & Programs

Learn how US World Class Taekwondo Association Hollywood School provides you opportunities to learn the exciting Korean martial art of Taekwondo!

Our classes are structured so that you can learn all the basics by taking classes 2 days a week. With our large number of regular classes, you can find a taekwondo training schedule that is the right fit for you and your family.

The curriculum on Mondays and Tuesdays focuses on Hand Techniques, Self Defense, & Forms/Poomsae (a sequence of stances, blocks, punches and kicks in response to attacks from multiple imaginary assailants attacking you from different directions). The curriculum on Wednesdays and Thursdays focuses on Kicking Techniques & Footwork. Check out our complete schedule of classes.

We encourage you to stop by and watch any of our classes in session. Even better, try out a Taekwondo class at our USWC Hollywood School today!

Special Offer!
We are currently offering two trial classes with a Uniform & Belt for $25.

  • Kids (Tiny Tigers)

    Kids (Tiny Tigers)

    At USWC Taekwondo Portland, we offer Taekwondo for kids and children. Introduce your child up to age six to the wonders of the Taekwondo. Our special Tiny Tiger…Read more…

  • Juniors


    For students up to age 12, we emphasize the development of the whole person, not just teaching punching and kicking skills. Our training is integrated and builds on…Read more…

  • Teens & Adults

    Teens & Adults

    For students ages 12 and older, we emphasize the development of the whole person. Students receive more detailed taekwondo instruction, while they experience a vigorous fun fitness program….Read more…

  • Family


    If you have been looking for an activity to share with your child, our Family Program offers you the ideal solution! This is one of the school’s most…Read more…

  • Black Belt Club

    Black Belt Club

    The Black Belt Club is part of the solid inner core of our Hollywood School. Members are Students who have made the commitment to dedicate extra effort and…Read more…

  • Instructor Club

    Instructor Club

    A very important milestone in your taekwondo journey is when you graduate from the Color Belt curriculum and receive your 1st Degree Black Belt. It is much like…Read more…