Special Offer!
We are currently offering two trial classes with a Uniform & Belt for $25.

If you have been looking for an activity to share with your child, our Family Program offers you the ideal solution! This is one of the school’s most popular programs. The Family Program is designed to provide a positive and fun class environment that reinforces core family values. Children are taught to respect their parents, siblings and teachers and to value their school work. The Family Program is geared for the entire family, all belt levels and all ages.

All family members line up to begin and end every class together. During class, students are divided into smaller groups for specific instruction based on age and belt level. This allows all students to focus and work on their personal taekwondo curriculum. The entire family receives the benefits of good physical fitness, taekwondo skill development and self defense training together.

Learning taekwondo as a family is a fun way to be active with your child, create some truly special memories, and learn something valuable in the process. Make your next family outing the Hollywood School Family Class!

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