Black Belt Club

Special Offer!
We are currently offering two trial classes with a Uniform & Belt for $25.

The Black Belt Club is part of the solid inner core of our Hollywood School. Members are Students who have made the commitment to dedicate extra effort and train 2-3 times a week to become a Hollywood School Black Belt!

After you earn a Yellow Belt or higher, you may be invited — as a Student who shows “Black Belt Excellence” — to become a member of the Hollywood School Black Belt Club.

Students show “Black Belt Excellence” by their dedication to and enthusiasm of taekwondo. This includes having good class attendance and eagerness to make up absences; be disciplined and respectful & a good role model to all other students; be active in Hollywood School functions; maintain a record of good conduct and attitude at home & in the classroom.

If you are still in school, you are expected to work hard to get good grades. Also, a good report on conduct from the Teacher’s Form and Parent’s Form must be provided with the Application for Promotion to test for the next belt. All Black Belt Club members must have full support from their families.

There are privileges and benefits for the Black Belt Club member. These include the Black Belt Program Book; discounts on all special events and school activities & merchandise; eligibility to attend Bullying, First Aid, Leadership, Weapons, Referee, Hapkido, and Black Belt Candidate Seminars; Belt Promotion more accelerated than basic program students; and the opportunity to become Student of the Month!

And, regularly there are FREE Special Games and Pizza Party activities only for Hollywood School Black Belt Club Members!

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