Special Offer!
We are currently offering two trial classes with a Uniform & Belt for $25.

For students up to age 12, we emphasize the development of the whole person, not just teaching punching and kicking skills. Our training is integrated and builds on the same principles that parents instill in their children. Juniors are taught to respect their parents, siblings and teachers and to value their school work.
Juniors receive encouragement for their efforts and progress. At the end of every regular class, a few students are called out by the Instructor to receive recognition for doing a good job in class. After class, those students go to Chief Master Dan’s Office to get a Star put on their membership card. Once Juniors receive their 5th Star, they receive a free patch for their uniform. They are encouraged to do well in class to receive more Stars and more patches. For additional reinforcement, Juniors also earn Stars for their uniforms for participation in Taekwondo affiliated events and achievements at Hollywood Taekwondo School, as well as at home and at school.

As Juniors regularly train, they build their stamina, refine skills, learn new techniques, and further develop their self control and self confidence – developing vital life skills, which help them succeed at home and at school. Let Hollywood School become an integral part of your Junior Student’s journey to success!

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